Thank you for perusing our website We are determined in this joint venture to introduce ourselves to the public at large. It is worth noting my bark is not bigger than my bite. Although from a canine perspective I have never indulged in the act of intentionally hurting anyone. As a matter of fact my story is rather unique and I would like to share it with you. There should be no questioning my toughness to be assigned the honor of StemCellWatchDog.

When I was just five months old my brother and I were tied up together and unceremoniously dropped off on the streets of New York City in the middle of January. It couldn’t have been more than 15 degrees out but it felt like 30 below zero. I could deal with the frigid temperatures but will never understand why my brother and I were left on the street to die. We were together on 1st Avenue and East 42nd Street in Manhattan just outside the perimeter fence of the United Nations complex. I stared at flagpoles where all U.N. member states, plus the U.N. flag are flown. The irony of my predicament was obvious to my brother and me. We both were cold, hungry and above all frightened. The international organization that we peered at through the perimeter fence was supposed to help facilitate cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achievement of world peace. I asked myself a simple question. How could this injustice be happening to me? What I would later find out was that one block behind me in a condo complex called Tudor City Place lived Mark Neuhauser who would change my life forever.

As seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours we walked across the busy street to Ralph Bunche Park on East 42nd street and insulated ourselves under a park bench. Using each other’s body heat to stay alive and shivering to generate heat we prayed for a rescue. Our prayers were answered by a team of Bideawee rescue workers. Bideawee is a humane organization that provides shelter, care and compassion to homeless animals. Despite suffering from frostbite and hypothermia the medical team concluded that I would not lose any limbs, toes or tips of my ears. My brother and I had physically survived. The question now became could I survive emotionally?

My brother now named Robert was living down stairs. Robert was adopted by a family that lived in Westchester County just 8 days after we arrived at Bideawee. I was to never see my brother again. The devastation was palpable. Fortunately for me 2 weeks later I was adopted by an older gentleman named Bernie who had just lost his wife. Despite being in his late 50’s he was active and we did everything together. I loved him. He was lonely and asked me to help him find a new mate because of my stellar looks and vibrant personality! Before I had the chance Bernie passed away and I was returned to Bideawee. Just like that I was alone. My life revolved around my caretakers for the next 6 months. My heart was broken and I was suffering from separation anxiety. My life changed exactly 1 year from my near death experience at Ralph Bunche Park. I was rescued again by Mark Neuhauser the owner of this website and this time an inseparable bond formed with my beloved caretakers Bonna, Herbert and Mark Neuhauser. We have been together now for over 14 years. After experiencing the fascinating dog culture of New York City including Peter Detmold Park at Beekman Place, I moved to Connecticut. Upon my arrival to Connecticut the legendary excursions to Stratton Brook State Park and Nod Brook Meadow in Simsbury, Connecticut commenced. My stimulating Manhattan and Connecticut experiences made me realize I wanted part of my legacy to be attached to an issue that Mark has worked tirelessly on. That campaign is to help find cures for people with debilitating diseases through stem cell research. Our job will be to protect and watch over the stem cell universe. That universe is vast and wide. During the course of my life I was fortunate not to spend any time in the doghouse because I respected and cared about others. At StemCellWatchDog we reserve the right to place an assortment of characters in our doghouse until proven worthy of release. I am the StemCellWatchDog and my name is Sherman.

As of March 13, 2012 @ 11:55 EST my spirit and essence continues to live on with the ultimate goal to benefit humanity in ways we can’t even imagine. Digging is one of my favorite past times and there will be no stone left unturned.

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